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Aisquith Internet Ministries and this purpose, policy, and procedure statement are subordinate to the by-laws of Aisquith Presbyterian Church. If any part of this statement conflicts or contradicts the Church by-laws, the by-laws will take precedence. All content, design, and access is at the sole discretion of the webmaster, subject to these policies and procedures, the church by-laws, and the Session of Aisquith Presbyterian Church. Purposes To glorify God To serve His people To protect the Church: its reputation, its…


Aisquith PCA does not control, nor does it necessarily endorse, the content of the sites linked from this page. Denominations and Associations Chesapeake Presbytery – the governing body of our local PCA congregations. Presbyterian Church in America – the website of our denomination. The Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church The Canadian Reformed Churches The Free Reformed Churches of North America The Heritage Reformed Congregations The Korean American Presbyterian Church The Orthodox Presbyterian Church The Reformed Church in the United States The Reformed Church…

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Effective September 4, 2007 This privacy policy is subordinate to the by-laws of Aisquith Presbyterian Church This privacy policy will generally not conflict with the by-laws of Aisquith Presbyterian Church. If there is a discrepancy, the by-laws will take precedence over this privacy policy. If you are a member and you would like a copy of the church by-laws, please email the church office.